Powerful Ceiling Fan Mounts Into Any Light Socket!
Easy Install in Just Seconds
No Electrician or Tools Required!
Screws into Any Light Bulb Socket
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Installs in Seconds – No Electrician or New Wiring Required!
BreezyBulb cools your home with a steady stream of refreshing air. And it costs just a fraction of the cost of using the air conditioner!
You can install BreezyBulb in just minutes – no new wiring or electrician required! If you can screw in a lightbulb, you can install BreezyBulb!
And BreezyBulb comes with built-in LED lighting to provide illumination, along with a handheld Remote Control to make operation practical and easy!
Includes Everything You Need In The Box
Super Easy Installation
Multiple Fan Speeds
1000 Lumens of Warm Lighting
Remote Control for Fan and Lighting
6” Socket Extender for Recessed Lighting Fixtures
Virtually Silent Operation
10,000+ Customers Love Us!
The stream of cooling air provided by BreezyBulb is extremely efficient at making you feel cooler. By using its three speed settings, you can create the exact amount of air circulation to keep your surroundings cool and well-ventilated.
Unlike expensive central air conditioning that costs a fortune to run, BreezyBulb takes just pennies a day to operate. The light it provides is extremely economical, too, and it regulates the temperature more evenly than air conditioners, which can create cold and hot spots.
We’re fond of telling people “If you can screw in a light bulb you can install BreezyBulb”! And it’s true! All you need to do to install this ceiling fan is screw the unit into any lighting socket, the exact same way you would with a light bulb. It couldn’t be any easier!
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10,000+ Customers Love Us!
Bradden M.
19 fans all in my living room!
15 recessed can lights + a ceiling fan with 4 sockets, equals a tornado of comfort during the hot Texas summers. Note: make sure to thoroughly dust before during 20 fanlights on at the same time. 170mph dust particles will exfoliate to the bone.

Q: Can I use BreezyBulb in my kitchen? My lighting sockets are recessed into the ceiling?

Yes, you can! BreezyBulb comes with a 6” socket extender that increases the length of the shaft, allowing BreezyBulb to be used with recessed lighting fixtures.

Q: Can I use BreezyBulb at the same time as using my Air Conditioner?

Absolutely! Using BreezyBulb alongside your Air Conditioner will greatly increase the air movement of your Air Conditioner, making your Air Conditioner work much more efficiently.

Q: How do I clean my BreezyBulb?

Cleaning BreezyBulb is easy! First, turn off the fan and wait until the blades have stopped spinning. Then simply remove BreezyBulb and clean the blades with a damp cloth, using a dab of soap if necessary.

Q: Can I use the lights without turning on the fan? Can I use the fan without using the lights?

Yes you can, in both cases. The lights and the fan operate independently, so you can use just the fan, just the lights, or both at the same time.

Q: Can I use more than one BreezyBulb in the same room?

Most certainly! The number of BreezyBulbs you can use is only limited by the number of lighting sockets you have.
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